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  Western New York,,, a Melting Pot of Fly Fishing  
Oct. 6, 2016... getting close Fish are moving into the system now, but not in large numbers yet. Water is still low and warm, although the nights are cooler. Anytime now it's going to be "fish on".

As a fly fishing guide service in Western New York, we offer world-class fly fishing trips to our clients on some of the most pristine waters in the northeast. Whether you’re looking to fish small inland streams for brown trout, rainbow trout, or brook trout, or hitting some big water for the elusive Steelhead trout, a rewarding experience is our goal.

Our top priority is providing guests with great service and excellent fly fishing opportunities so they enjoy our Western New York waters and leave with great memories, fish, and knowledge that lasts a lifetime. We work hard to take you to where the fishing will be the best, given stream conditions and your expectations.

Our region is blessed with a huge array of fishing opportunities. You can be on a freestone stream casting dries to rising browns and rainbows, and stripping streamers the next day to either smallmouth bass or carp. In the fall, we see huge runs of steelhead trout, which range from 5-20lbs. At the same time, we see decent, although declining numbers, of lake run brown trout, that run the same size. In the Lake Ontario tributaries we also have the famous Chinook salmon run that lasts from September through November.

So, whether you're an experienced fly fisherman, or just starting out, Sweetwater is your choice.


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